Friday, August 29, 2008

Bad toothache!

Emeline started complaining on Saturday that her tooth hurt. This is not typical. Something really has to bother her really bad for her to even mention it to me. I called the dentist and they got her in yesterday. They took xrays and found out the tooth they had caped several months back become infected. BAD news....they were going to have to remove it. It was a baby tooth. I knew as soon as I walked up to the denist chair that the news wasn't settling good with Emme. He had already told her. He offered to get it taken care of right now. I said that was fine. I asked Emme if she was going to be okay. She nodded yes. They gave her nirtic oxide and she did well. This was actually the third time she had been given laughing gas for dental procedures. I felt so bad for her. This would be the 5th tooth they pulled out of her mouth. I always joke she has her Dad's mouth!

I let her take the rest of the day off. Her sister Lexis had come home earlier for coughing and fever. She was diagnosed later that night with pneumonia. I hope no one else gets it!

Emeline was very tired so she slept most of the afternoon. This morning she felt so much better. She always just goes with the flow of life. I couldn't ask for a better, well behaved kid.

I did have to ground her last week for leaving on her bike and not coming home for 3 hours. She goes to play and she forgets to tell me where she is going. That scares me. She does leave notes now so at least I know where she is playing.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School has started.

Emeline started back to school and she loves it. We went to the open house but got the time messed up so her teacher had already left for the night, so I didn't get to meet her. Emeline heard through other students that her teacher was mean. She was very afraid. I told her not to worry it would be okay. The first day she was beeming at how much fun she had. Her first words were, "Mom she was super nice and I like her a lot."

We've been walking her to school in the mornings. Ava loves to ride and the girls enjoy walking.

Emeline enjoys third grade. She likes to do reading, math, english, language arts, spelling, science and social studies. She expecially loves recess and spending time with her friends!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Smile Pretty!"

Emeline is a natural when it comes to taking pictures. I can't ever remember her ever taking a bad picture. She is such a pretty girl. Her skin tans very well despite the fact of me constantly putting sunscreen on her. Oh well some are just meant to be gorgeous.

Now do you see how she got her nickname "Cute"?


Monday, August 11, 2008

How much fun can one girl stand?

Me and my baby sister Ava are getting ready to enjoy Adventureland.

Water + slides + sun = FUN!

This was such a fun ride. The guy made us say "Ribbit" the whole ride.

Can you do this?

Here I am touching a starfish. Me scared NO.

My Mom dared me to stand this close. My Dad told me it would peck me. It didn't!

The fish were going crazy over the food I was throwing! A few times a fish would get stuck on top of the pile. That was funny!

This slide was so much fun!

I am enjoying a cool drink of water.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pizza anyone?

We made pizza today for lunch. The girls did it all!

The sauce is added to the dough with much love!

Pizza gets a thumbs up from Emeline.

I'll have to admit it was delicious. I just have to remember that making is half the fun. It was nice to let them get their hands dirty.