Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful Emeline.

I am just thinking about Emeline since I am away from her right now. Ava had to go back into the hospital again. I hate that I have to leave Lex and Emme. I would do all of this for them as well.

I wanted to display her latest pictures taken by me. I love photography and I have very easy models and gorgeous ones at that!



As we were leaving Emeline told Ava that she was sorry she had to go back to the hospital. She said that she would miss us both. She is an amazing little girl.

Emeline if you are reading this Mommy loves you so much!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting over Strep!

Emeline has been battling Strep throat for a good two and a half weeks. Poor girl she has a horrid cough on top of it all. I felt sorry for her and let her stay home on Tuesday...ALL by herself! (I had to take her sister Ava to the doctor and couldn't change my plans.) She is such an awesome girl that I didn't even worry about her. I had Aunt Marsha call and check in on her throughout the day. I took her back to the Doctor on Wednesday and she has a new antibiotic so well she how it goes!

A few new pictures of Miss Emeline.

Around our house sick people have to wear a mask because of Ava's medical conditions. Emme is the best at keeping it on!

She also loves to read to Ava. What a great big sister!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mommy's helper

So Emeline is my ultimate helper. She gets all of Ava's medical supplies and knows exactly which drawer they are in at all times. She is very smart and "on the ball". She is ready at the drop of the hat to pick up and do the next thing.

Ava loves her sisters but Emeline makes her laugh. It is so cute to see them bond. It brings so much joy to my heart to see them playing and having a great time.

Emeline wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She told me the other day that she hopes her child is sick so that she can take care of her like I do Ava. "Out of the mouths of babes" huh? If only she knew!

Now how cute are these two?