Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Happy 8th Birthday Emeline!"

Yesterday Emme turned the Big 8! I do remember the short labor I had with her, from start to finish is was 5 hours. It was quick, fast and very furious! She was such a cute baby. She came out with very dark skin. We were all a little shocked. Brian's and his Mother both have an olive tint to their shin so I guess that is how she came to be so tan. She was so precious. Here is a picture of her at 2 days old. She really wasn't a heavy baby she just was solid. She almost loooked like a china doll.

We celebrated her birthday with her big sister Lexis (Lex b-day was friday.)at Gators restaurant. They had a ton of presents to open. Here is a few pictures of the party!

I still can't believe my "Cute" is growing up. Gee time goes by way too fast. It is so important to tell your children you love them and teach them how to be wonderful loving human being! You never know how life will turn out. I'm so proud of Emeline. She is such a hard worker and a very helpful little young lady!